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NBA 2K16 VC Farming Guide – Easy VC in MyCareer, MyPark

How to farm unlimited VC in NBA 2K16 to level up your player and buy new gear in the game.

Virtual Currency or VC in the game is used to level up your player and acquire new gear. But to gather enough VC which will let you buy everything you desire can be tedious and lengthy process.

NBA 2K16 VC Farming

In this guide, I’ve detailed a couple of methods which will let you farm unlimited VC in the shortest possible time.

MyCareer Mode Farming
For this method, you need to start a game on Hall of Fame and set the quarter somewhere between 6 – 12 minutes.

Once you have done it, all you need to do is to complete the game and you will be rewarded with about 600 Virtual Currency.

Note that you can simply pause the game and simulate to the very end before advancing to MyCareer screen.

Since the game will keep on rewarding you with VC, you need to continue to repeat the entire process again and again until you have gained your desired amount or 2K decides to patch the process.

Lastly, head over to your Attributes Page to see all your accumulated Virtual Currency or VC.

MyPark Mode Farming
Before we begin, I recommend doing this with an online friend to speed things up a notch.

To start you need to fire up MyPark Online Mode and start 3-man Got Next Spot. However, as soon as the game, you need to quit it to your home court.

Once there, you will notice that your earned VC will stay with you. Since this can ruin your online reputation in the game, I recommend using a secondary account for the purpose.

Both the methods have been confirmed to work at the time of writing this, however, do note that 2K may patch them in near future.

Have any other methods that you would like to share with us, let us know in the comments section below!