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Destiny Players Maxing Out their Light Levels Already

With the release of Destiny: The Taken King and the 2.0 updates fans of the game had some new challenges to complete. It looks like many people are completing the game and once again reaching level caps fast.

While players find it fun to develop their characters, find the best loot for them and to max them out to the top levels, once this has been reached what else is there to do? I’m sure fans of the game will say plenty. This has always been one of the weaknesses of Destiny though.

For those outside of the Destiny fan “bubble” the statistics behind the game can still be very interesting. Even though The Taken King hasn’t been out that long, just taking a look at DestinyTracker reveals that in terms of character development, there are people already reaching the game limits.

At the moment the top players Starbai100 and trogdor69u have fully maxed out their light levels at 310 which is impressive work. Game site GameRant in fact says Trogdor69u was the first to achieve this.

What the Light level for a player shows it the weighted average of the light values from the player’s weaponry, ghost shell, and artefact. What this level represents is a recommended level for missions that people are taking part in. So to have the maximum level means that they are true champions of the game.

With many more people at Light level 309 it won’t take them too long to join the ranks of having the top level, and be part of the elite. Next they’ll probably venture into the game to find some undiscovered secrets and wait for the next lot of DLC to be released.

Are you working to get your Light level to 310? Let us know your thoughts below.