Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Character Textures Need Work, New Zombies Mode Details Leaked

We managed to get our hands on a video from Black Ops 3, that shows different models for lead characters. Some characters that we’ll see in the campaign missions are well detailed, textures look decent enough but they could be better.

It seems developers have paid a lot of attention to textures for each surface, but we can expect to see improvements before the final release; especially for gears of soldiers.

The video also gives us hints of some of the story elements, for example, one of the characters may end up turning into a zombie. There are other details about the zombies mode, which are pretty interesting.

According to the video, the yellow eyes of zombies indicate that are being controlled by someone called “Samantha.” We are also given a look at a model of a bottle conveyor belt, which looks to be from a factory on Shadows of Evil.

There are other assets from Shadows of Evil as well.

Towards the last part of the video, we can see a drone which I think is from the campaign mode. It looks pretty cool but I strongly hope the drone on our side, otherwise we’re in a good fight.

Black Ops 3 deals with some strong topics such as human augmentation, and the last part of the video shows us a technomancer, who seems to have went under some type of augmentation for his eyes.

Anyways, check out the video to know more and let us know what you think. Black Ops 3 hits shelves in November for all major platforms.