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Project Spark Going Free; Refunds and Last DLCs Announced

Good news for Project Spark fans who are yet to buy the game, you will not have to spend a dime in order to get the game or any of the DLC after October 5!

However, this also comes alongside an announcement from the game developers that they will not be releasing any more downloadable content packs for the game after three packs that have will released on the same day namely Noxious Bog, Complex Primitives, and Dragon’s Ascension.

The news about Project Spark shifting from a free to play model to a fully free model came through a couple of hours ago where it was also announced that some of the players who bought the game can also apply for refunds on the amounts they have paid.

Not only that, when the game goes free all the previously released content is going to drop the price tag as well.

As far as the partial refunds are concerned, this is how they are going to work.

In light of these changes to a fully free model, all players who have purchased Project Spark digital content on or after July 28, 2015, purchased a retail disc and activated it by product key redemption on or after July 28, 2015 or have a remainder balance of purchased in-game tokens will be entitled to Microsoft Store credit equivalent to their money spent. Microsoft Store credits will be awarded automatically to all users within 30-60 days after October 5.

However, since the aforementioned content is going to be the last that the developers will work on, Conker’s Big Reunion episodic content will also cease thereon.

Are you sad or glad about the changes that have been made to Project Spark?