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Oculus Rift Price Will be at Least $300

One of the biggest issues that Virtual Reality is going to have is actually moving into people’s homes. This includes being aimed at a price that is not only achievable in an affordable sense, but is also realistic for gamers.

In an interview with PC Gamer following Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell talked about not only the price, but also why people have not been able to pre-order the headset yet. Aiming at a price that is “at least $300” this would include the Rift Headset, sensor, and Xbox One controller. This of course would not include the price of an Oculus Ready PC.

On why pre-orders are not being taken yet:

“there isn’t a big reason to take your money too far ahead of the device.” He continued: “What I think about all day long is user experience, right? So if I’m going to promise you something and you’re going to hand me a significant amount of money or whatever it is—we all know it’s going to be at least $300—if you’re going to hand me $300 today, I am not going to be excited to tell you: ‘OK, in nine, 10, 12, 11 months, whatever it is, you’re going to get something in return.’ The longer you wait, the more you’re like, ‘This is obnoxious.’ “

In fact, they appear to be looking at an Apple style launch of the device:

“they announce it, one week later you can pre-order it, the next week it ships. That is like the ideal user experience.”

However impressive the technology looks, Virtual Reality devices like the Oculus Rift still have a hill to climb in terms of getting the devices in a usual form in people’s homes. It does appear though that Oculus will give it their best attempt.

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