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Metal Gear Solid Can Continue Without Hideo Kojima: Konami

Well, we are just a few months away from seeing the departure of Hideo Kojima. The man behind Metal Gear Solid is leaving Konami in December and while we are exciting to see what he does next, it also makes us worried about the future of Metal Gear Solid.

We previously reported that Konami is indeed working on the next Metal Gear game, the company is already hiring for the project. However, the big question is, can the series continue without Hideo Kojima? And if so, should it continue? Metal Gear is Kojima’s baby and it won’t be easy filling his shoes.

Community Manager Graham Day has assured fans that Metal Gear Solid can continue without the legendary developer. He gave the example of Metal Gear Rising, saying that the game was developed by a different team and in it itself, Rising was a great game.

While I do agree that Rising was a great game, Metal Gear Solid is a completely different beast, handling it without the guidance and passion of Kojima may end up ruining this epic franchise.

I don’t have a say in such matters, but I think the best course of action (if Konami wants MGS 6) is to hire Kojima as a freelancer for the project.