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GTA Online Temporary Characters May Return, PC Users Can Heavily Exploit the Game

Modding is a big part of PC gaming community and most developers try to support modders as much as they can. However, sometimes mods are used to help mess with the game’s code and create exploits to help cheat the game.

Rockstar is planning to re-script temporary characters in GTA Online, according to a modder. He also claims that this can be used to exploit the game. He explained in a post by the modder on se7ensins:

You can create disposable characters, cheat cash and stats and troll other players as much as you’d like and it will not be saved or recorded – this means it’s basically a way to play anonymously

By using new code scripting, the game can be exploited in a number of ways. Banned players can play anonymously, exploit Bad Sport system and more:

  • Bypassing bans, Bad Sport status, Cheater Pool status and mic mutes.
  • Never worry about being banned, suspended, muted, kicked, reported or otherwise punished for exploring scripts online.
  • Bypass any current bans, Bad Sport statuses, Cheater Pool status, mic mutes or any other matchmaking or game-related punishment.
  • Debug the online service and test out various scripts and modding tools without being penalized.

What’s worse is that Rockstar won’t be able to do anything about it. Even if they fix this issue with an update, modders will be able to revert to a previous version and keep exploiting the game.