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Dark Souls 3 to be Playable at the Play Expo in Manchester

If you live in the north of England and are a Dark Souls fan, this year may be the perfect time to attend the Play Expo in Manchester. Dark Souls 3 is coming to the event and will be the first time the public have been able to play the game.

Coming to Manchester October 10-11, the Play Expo gives fans the chance to play some of the new games that are heading towards release. With Bandai Namco Entertainment UK announcing that the Dark Souls 3 is coming to the event, and that it will be playable, this is obviously big news.

With the return of Dark Souls director Hidetaka Myazaki to the franchise there is a lot of anticipation for Dark Souls 3, and while we’ve seen some gameplay footage, to actually get to give it a try will get plenty of fan’s attention. Expect queues for this one to be long, lets just hope the time you get with the game makes the amount of time you waited worth it.

With the game not actually being released until April 2016 this may be the best time for UK people to give the game a try, chances are there won’t be many more opportunities until the game finally releases. We’ll obviously get to see plenty more game footage videos up until the release, but to get to try the game out will be rare. Though it should also be noted that the game we see at Play Expo won’t be the final form of Dark Souls 3, though it should give a taste of how it should be.

Will you be heading to the Play Expo in Manchester to give Dark Souls 3 a try? Let us know your thoughts below.