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Uncharted 4 Dev Reveals Central Theme of the Anticipated Sequel

Uncharted 4 is still under development for the PlayStation 4, and won’t be out till next year. We’ve known very little about the game’s theme and storyline so far, which is why Neil Druckmann, co-creative director of the game, has revealed some information on the matter.

The main theme of Nathan Drake’s fourth and final major adventure is discussed by Druckmann in the Official PlayStation Magazine via PSU. According to the creative director, the story will have a large focus on Nathan’s work and personal life balance.

“With Uncharted 4, as we were building it we were realizing more and more what the theme is: it’s that balance between pursuing your passions and being with the ones you love, and what happens when you have to choose between those two things.”

“Is there a way to reconcile that? That’s the message of this game, and everything is constructed around that very simple concept.”

If anything can be derived from Druckmann’s words, it’s that Nathan’s relationship with Elina (and her overall involvement) will be a very important part of the game’s thematic plot.

Uncharted 4 is still some time away from its release. Naughty Dog has given a release date of March 18, 2016 for the game, exclusively for PlayStation 4.