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Twitch Plays Dark Souls Complete Game after 43 Days

Dark Souls is one of those games created to be difficult to play. It is based around the fact you know you’ll die many times but through sheer determination you can finally complete it.

While it is hard enough to play the game in a single-player environment the thought of putting the controls in the hands of viewers on Twitch and seeing if a collective could complete the game doesn’t seem the smartest move. If you take a look at the videos archived here though you will see that over the course of 43 days, they finally managed to complete the game.

The video which you can see here shows the final battle that the Twitch users took part in. Finally taking down the game’s boss Gwyn. I should warn you that the video also features the games ending so there are spoilers there of course. What the video shows though is just how the community managed to finally defeat one of the most challenging games ever.

The idea of completing games by Twitch is not new, in fact this Dark Souls run through was based on the Twitch Plays Pokémon attempt which was also a success. The first attempt at Dark Souls was to use the same model as the Pokémon play through. This unfortunately led to the players getting trapped in the first arena.

After 90 hours, the real-time play model was changed to turn-based which led to the game being paused for the players to decide which action to take. This proved more of a success for the players, and as you can see ultimately led to them completing the game.

What stands out as the most interesting part of this endeavour for me is the way the players have to adapt their game play method to support the different games. It will be interesting to see what other games will be attempted and how the model will have to adapt for these new environments too.

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