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The Phantom Pain Best PC Mods – Extra High Visuals, Play as Kojima, and More

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain best PC mods to enhance your experience of the game.

The Phantom Pain is already a huge and complex game with a number of things yet to be discovered. However, when it comes to PC version of the game, there are no boundaries, thanks to community-created mods.

This article details different PC mods for The Phantom Pain in no specific order.

Play as Ocelot
This mod lets you play as Ocelot as primary character, but there are some issues to be taken into consideration.

Playable Ocelot in MGS V

Play as Ishmael
Those of you who loved the game’s opening prologue will certainly enjoy the mod which lets you play as Ishmael. Similar to Ocelot mod, you may experience FPS obscuration in certain situations.

Playable Ishmael in MGS V

Play as Quiet
Do you happen to love Snake’s partner sniper in her teeny-weeny outfit? Then this is the perfect mod for you! The mod lets you play as Quiet along with the ability to choose her bonus outfit and more.

Playable Quiet in MGS V

Extra Graphical Settings
In case the game’s default ‘Extra High’ settings are not enough for you, you can simply apply the mod for some additional eye-candy. However, do note that you will need a powerful PC to run it at stable 60 frames per second.

Extra High Settings

Play as Miller
This medicinal mod somehow grants Snake companion, Kazuhira Miller with a leg and an arm to explore the wilderness of Africa and Afghanistan.

Playable Miller in MGS V

Skulls Model Swap
With this mod, you will be able to transform any of your female character on the Mother Base into Skull Forces sniper.

Playable Skulls in MGS V

Sweet FX Mod
With the mod, you will be able to incorporate increased color-depth and heavy use of dynamic lighting in the game.

SweetFX Mod

Play as Hideo Kojima
Similar to other mods, the mod lets you replace Naked Snake with the game’s director Hideo Kojima himself.

Playable Kojima in MGS V

Know some other The Phantom Pain mods that we forgot to mention here, let us know in the comments section below!