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Shuhei Yoshida Comments on Michael Pachter’s Prediction of Fading Console Hardware

Michael Pachter recently came back again with one of his doomsday predictions about the console gaming market. According to Pachter, the next console generation won’t be as big as this one, and he thinks that console gaming doesn’t need consoles.

During a recent livestream, President of Sony worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida replied to Pachter’s prediction, and said that people like Pachter have been predicting the end of console hardware since the PlayStation One days. However, thanks to a passionate community, they are still going strong.

Michael is fun to listen to, right? (laughs)

We look at all of these analyst reports, and every year, from the same company, the forecast changes hugely, because of the things that happen in the year before. They change their prediction dramatically.

I don’t, you know, mind hearing something like that, because it’s so interesting… Consoles were announced dead for the longest time. Even at the time when PlayStation One was being worked on, some analyst said that PC games would dominate in the future and there would be no place for home consoles.

Every time these things are proven wrong, and as long as we have passionate people wanting to continue to play on game consoles, we will try hard to continue, and even make it bigger for the future.

If Pachter truly believes that console hardware will become irrelevant, does that mean we are heading toward streaming solutions? If that is the case, I don’t think streaming will become mainstream anytime soon.