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Rockstar Working on an “Asymmetrical Cooperative Stealth” Game

When a games company start to advertise job opportunities people start taking notice. This is normally when a new game is in the works, and when the rumour mill starts to gain speed.

This appears to be the case after GamesRadar took a look at the jobs Rockstar are advertising, then did a little deeper investigation (they used the jobs search engine to find more specific information). What they found is a job for a Gameplay Designer, then took a look at the specifics of the job itself.

Where this gets interesting is that the job asks for “advanced physical and digital prototyping skills to establish the pillars of the asymmetrical cooperative stealth experience required.” A new stealth game? I know we have many already, but with Rockstar working on it, this is worth taking notice of.

Looking at some of the other jobs that are listed it is easy to see that Rockstar have something in the planning, which may be the game described above, but the big question is what could it be? Chances are it’s something brand new as it is obviously not Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption or even Bully. Could it be another Manhunt game? That did have stealth elements. It is questionable whether they would go down that controversial route again though.

We could of course speculate like Neogaf that this could be Agent, but that one sounds more of a wish than any actual facts. Knowing that Rockstar could be bringing out something other than Grand Theft Auto soon though has to be exciting news for any fan. Saying “soon” of course, the very fact that prototyping is mentioned means that this new game is in very early design stages and probably won’t be released for years.

What do you hope this game is? Let us know your thoughts below.