Championship Kalista Rises to Celebrate the League of Legends World Championships

With the League of Legends World Championship taking place in October, it is time for celebration. In a celebration fitting the game, Championship Kalista is rising to claim souls.

With the coming of Kalista, this means that the Spear of Vengeance (975 RP) will be available. From September 28 until November 1 it will be in the League Store. After this time Championship Kalista will then return to the Legacy Vault, from which she’ll emerge next year for more vengeance.

Based on the description in the League of Legends Wiki Kalista is described as:

“Kalista is a conglomeration of souls, all of whom have pledged themselves to vengeance. With each soul that pledges itself, Kalista likely gets more powerful, though at the cost of making her remember less of who she was in life, and become more of an avatar of vengeance itself.”

With the League of Legends World Championship 2015 running throughout October, the coming of the character is a way to celebrate that they are taking place. If proving to be popular it will no doubt make plenty of money for Riot Games too (which of course is the aim). League of Legends is a free-to-play game which makes profits from micro-transactions, so the player has the choice whether or not to spend money on the character.

The fact that characters like these appear (or rise) at certain times makes them special, and Championship Kalista is impressive looking. To celebrate something as big as the World Championships a character like this has to be something special, which Kalista definitely seem to be.

Will you be spending any money on the Spear of Vengeance? Let us know your thoughts below.