Battleborn’s Levelling and Skill System Boasts Impressive Numbers

Gearbox Software have already shown with the Borderlands games just how fun levelling up characters can be. Now moving on to Battleborn, the system appears to be moving to all new levels.

With a new video they’ve taken a look at the numbers behind the game and the results are quite impressive. Firstly, looking at each character, each has 10 levels with 2 skills for each levels. This means that each character has 1,024 ways to be played. Added to this is the ability to unlock alternative skills which increase this to 7,776 ways.

Taking the numbers from above, if these players are in a co-op game with five players in Story mode this leads to 6,375,600 team combinations per hero. This also leads to 49,576,665,600 combinations for heroes and teams. To take this to competitive numbers, the video claims that the number of combinations are more than the number of stars in the universe. This is presented in a very tongue-in-cheek way though, but it is fair to say the number is huge.

One thing we can be sure of is that there are a huge number of combinations of skills and levels at work in the game, and this is impressive. We’ll never experience them all, I doubt anybody would have the time to, but hopefully we’ll be able to find the combinations that fit our fighting style the best.

Battleborn is released February 9, on Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4 but with a beta planned we’ll be able to try out the game sooner than that. It will be interesting just how successful the first-person shooter/MOBA will be.

Are you looking forward to Battleborn? Let us know your thoughts below.