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Amazon Recruits Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer for their PC Game

Remember the good old days when Amazon was just an online sales company? Well, they’ve come pretty far after that, first releasing efficient gadgets like the Kindle line of tablets, and then even proposing some cool shipment drone designs (though it never came to fruition).

Now, Amazon is looking to get into the game development scene. They’re currently working on a PC ‘melee’ third-person action videogame, and apparently they’ve recruited an experienced game developer for the very purpose.

Gamasutra reports that according to one of its trusted sources, Guild Wars 2 lead designer Eric Flannum has joined Amazon Game Studios. After spending a decade with ArenaNet, it is suggested that Flannum is going to be serving as the creative director for Amazon’s first videogame project.

This is interesting, considering that another veteran in Clint Hocking (creator of Far Cry 2) left Amazon studio just over a month ago.

Amazon’s job ad lists the ability to work alongside ‘key developers’ of renowned titles like Half Life 2, Left4Dead and more, suggesting that they have managed to attract some of the best developers around.

It’s interesting how this turns out, and what the company has in store for us with its competitive third-person action game.