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Someone Has Built a League of Legends Arcade Cabinet!

Creative people and creative fans are the life of our community, for example this guy who loves making arcade cabinets and also happens to love LoL. The result of the two was a homemade League of Legends Arcade Cabinet that looks super dope!

The guy who has self created the League of Legends Arcade Cabinet says that he was inspired by Riot Games’ attention to arcade skins; but the guy himself likes to build custom cabinets like this one.

Inspired in part by the slew of Arcade skins that Riot has been releasing, plus my newest hobby of building custom arcade cabinets, a light bulb went off in my head: Why not build a fully functioning (But probably not optimal) League of Legends arcade cabinet? So I did.

He agrees that “there are still some adjustments and polish pieces” needed in the cabinet and that better ergonomics would up the game a bit more for players with different heights. Also he will soon be “supplying this thing with some much better speakers.”

However, the whole League of Legends Arcade Cabinet was made in a day or s and honestly that is a feat in itself.

Would you like to own a cabinet like this one for your home as well?