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Gears of War Ultimate Edition Update 2 is Live; Gnasher, Hill Mode Spawns and More Addressed

Gears of War Ultimate Edition was released about a month ago to bring back the old memories one more time. However, it was certainly not just about that, The Coalition is hard at work on making it the best game and in lieu of that a second title update has been released for the game.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition update 2 primarily targets Gnasher (like the developers would in probably every GoW game) as well as other problems like spawning issues in certain maps for Blitz and King of the Hill.

Here’s a roundup on the specific changes that the titles update has made to the game:

  • Gnasher pellets now always shoot in a consistent pattern.
  • Removed “Idle State” from MP which could cause shooting trajectory to be more random.
  • Fixed a bug where some Gnasher shots were reporting as headshots incorrectly.
  • THIS! IS! ANNEX! and Nub Pwn3r Achievements can now be earned in any ring based game mode such as King of the Hill, Blitz, and Annex.
  • THIS! IS! ANNEX! – Complete 100 matches in ring-based game types on Xbox Live and capture 3 objectives in each match.
  • NUB PWN3R – Win 20 rounds in ring-based game types on Xbox Live by shutting out the opposing team.
  • Achievement descriptions have been updated to reflect these new unlock conditions.
  • Improvements to player spawn locations for Blitz and King of the Hill on the following maps: War Machine, Old Bones, Gridlock, Process.
  • Fixes for invisible collision on some Multiplayer maps including: Mansion Area around Boomshot and Clocktower Debris at top middle of map.

There are other fixes too, for instance reduced flinching, server stability, changes to Re-Up system to let it retain unlocked characters, match score display in HUD while you are in the spectator mode and so on.

Have you been playing Gears of War Ultimate Edition these days? Are there any other issues that the developers might have missed?