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Arma 3 Eden Editor Goes into Public Beta

Do you love the editing tools that Arma 3 developers have been working on recently? Well, if you do, you now have a chance at trying them out to churn out some of the most intense battlefield scenarios.

The 3D editor, which goes by the name of Arma 3 Eden Editor now, is live in a public beta phase.

As far as the older 2D scenario editor is concerned, this one is going to take the modding aspects to a whole new level while ensuring backwards compatibility of the tools.

The press release not only announced the launch of the public beta for Eden Editor, they also explained how the players can take part in the beta phase. The first thing you will need to do is switch to the dev-branch on Steam:

To participate in the Eden Editor Public Beta, Arma 3 players should switch to the Arma 3 Dev-Branch on Steam. This can be done by right-clicking on the Arma 3 app in the Steam Library, going to properties, select the BETAS tab, and then using the drop-down menu to select the Arma 3 development build. The game will then update and you are ready to go.

However, anyone trying out the Arma 3 Eden Editor should bear in mind that this is “an experimental and largely untested version of Arma 3, which contains data directly from individual team members as they work.”

Needless to say, the Arma 3 Eden Editor will be updated on a daily basis as the developers learn of new issues and add new features.