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An Update on the Bioshock iOS Removal from the App Store

While it may have been out a while, Bioshock iOS has been pulled from iOS devices by 2K. This appears to be down to incompatibility with the iOS version 8.4. In an update from a previous post we may have more details as to why.

While the company did make the announcement that they were going to fix this, it appears that this will no longer be the case. Users on TouchArcade’s Forum emails they have been receiving as to why this is the case:

 “Thank you for contacting 2K Support.

I understand you’re having issues with Bioshock for mobile gaming. Unfortunately, you are correct we don’t currently have this game for mobile gaming anymore, which I know can be frustrating. The removal of the game was a developer decision. This happens occasionally, but thankfully not often.

I’m terrible sorry for this, if you purchased Bioshock for IOS and you would like a refund, Apple will be of great assistance. Since the transaction wasn’t completed through us, we can not perform a full refund back to you. However you will be able to complete a refund with Apple. They will be able to do this for you.

Again, I’m terrible sorry for this experience, but I hope that Apple can clear this up for you as soon as possible.”

Users are receiving refunds for the app, if they request for them. While some may still have the game on their devices, and if they are still on a supported device it should still work, they will no longer be able to download it.

As the feedback reveals that the removal of Bioshock iOS is a developer choice, this leads to the suggestion that the resources it would take to make the game work on iOS 8.4 just aren’t worth it at this time. This may leave some fans disappointed, but at least 2K and 2K China (the developers) are being open with the players and providing refunds.

Have you played Bioshock iOS in the past? Is it’s removal from the App Store disappointing? Let us know your thoughts below.