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Skreens is a Cool Device That Lets You Use PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Wii U All at Once!

If you don’t mind split-screen and enjoy the idea of using your multiple consoles at the same time, then perhaps this one specific Kickstarter campaign might interest you.

It’s called Skreens, and it’s in the form of a device that lets you put multiple HDMI feeds on your TV at once. It had a relatively conservative demand of $25,000, which only really took half an hour to be reached.

Obviously, from the short time it’s taken to reach the initial goal, the idea seems to be very popular with users.

Here’s what the description of the device reads:

“Skreens is a revolutionary way to experience all of your entertainment. Your PS4, XBox, PCs, cable box, Roku, Apple TV and anything else you’re switching between — now all of it can come online at once, on one display and all absolutely at your control. So you can stream up the game you’re playing without dropping a frame. Finish your work with the game on. Catch the top sports plays while checking in with your fantasy roster. Fire up a web browser without needing a computer. And never take your eyes off what matters most to you.”

You’ll be able to resize the screens to your liking by using a mobile app that is being developed specifically for this device. You’ll be able to scale up, scale down, reposition, and even save your own custom layouts on this app for your desire.

It’s a pretty intriguing idea, and would certainly be useful for presentations. However, it’s probably going to be more useful for bringing peace between the ever-lasting living room wars between siblings of who gets to play first. Why not have everyone play at once on your giant TV?

Skreens comes in two models. The NexusTwo allows you to connect two HDMI devices at once to your TV, while the NexusFour allows for up to four HDMI devices. They are priced at $199 and $370 respectively, and are expected to be released in March 2016.