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Quantum Break Game Engine Undergoing Optimisation, Good Sign it Will Make Release Date?

With a release aimed at April 2016 for Quantum Break it looks like the developers are looking at optimising the engine to get better performance out of it. This was revealed by Petri Häkkinen, a former employee for Remedy, who has returned to the company as a consultant.

Talking on Twitter with Remedy’s senior writer Mikko Rautalahti, the focus appears to be on optimising, or more importantly making sure there can be more polygons and objects on the screen:

At this point, while this may be interesting I’m sure gamers will be more interested in just seeing the game finally released. One of the major titles revealed on the Xbox One debut, we are still waiting for it to finally release.

Working towards 1080p, 30fps Quantum Dream is sure to look good, but many questions still remain around it. With a storyline that seemingly seems to have changed and questions around its connection to a live action series, it will be interesting to see just how invested in this title gamers actually are.

At this point in time it does feel that other AAA titles do have more buzz around them, but that can be down to marketing. After some of the other Xbox One exclusives like Rise of the Time Raider (timed exclusives) and Halo: Guardians have been released, then a focus will move to this game to try and get fans reaction.

Are you looking forward to Quantum Break? Is the fact the game engine is being optimised to look even better seem like a good sign that the game will make its release date? Let us know your thoughts below.