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League of Legends Team Builder Draft Explained by Riot Games

With the new Team Builder Draft, a number of things are going to change in League of Legends – and for a major chunk of the community, they will be appreciated. However, not everyone is clear on how the system is going to work.

Jeffery Lin, the Lead Designer of Social Systems for the game has been quite active on where he answered a number of questions about the new draft.

Among numerous other things that you can read up on, Lin has revealed that as of now the Team Builder Draft will not come with “a different MMR/rank per role,” but he says they will be working on it some time later.

Some of the fans were worried that the way Team Builder Draft works it is going to increase the queue timings even more, but Lin says that it is going to be the opposite for high skill players because they have put in place a new system in matchmaking to help on that.

In order to give you an overview of the new process that is going to be added to League of Legends, this is what the Champ Select flow is going to be like, according to Jeffery Lin:

  • Players can invite friends into a Lobby.
  • Each player is required to select at least 2 Positions (such as Top/Mid, or Mid/Jungle). On average, Ranked players only play 2.2 positions, so we wanted to start simple with a Pick-2 design, but have some backups like rank-sorting all 5 positions if there are queue time issues. We also have designs to incentivize mastering all positions in the future.
  • There’s a new position called “Fill.”
  • We’re currently asking Duo Queues to cover at least 3 unique positions, to further improve queue times. Duo Queues will still have a higher chance of getting the exact 2 positions they want, but it is not 100% guaranteed.
  • Once you’ve chosen your positions, we match you into a full team and you enter Champion Select.
  • We’ve made some changes to how drafting works; however, we’ll be talking more about this in a future design blog.
  • During Champ Select, you can still negotiate with your teammates to lane swap or trade champs if you want a more favorable match-up just like Champ Select today.
  • Once drafting is done, your team enters the game.

You can read up on everything else he had to say about the new Team Builder Draft system of League of Legends here.