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League of Legends Facebook Stickers Available to Download Now

When talking to your friends on Facebook, it can be fun to use emoticons or stickers in the messages. Today League of Legends have provided some of these stickers for you to use on your friends.

Whether these will be used for friendly purposes or to troll, these images do look like fun. You can download them for free here. As you can see the cartoonish artwork is impressive while some of the images themselves are questionable to say the least. One particularly interesting one is the turtle like creature giving a thumbs up. The spikes are interestingly placed at best.


Easy to download and to use in Facebook Messenger I’m sure fans of League of Legends, or just Facebook users will find them fun to use. Designed to convey certain messages they fit the usual emoticon designs that people find popular.

Whether it be a “love” sticker, “deal with it”, “ok” or upset, it is easy to see which one shall be picked. I’m sure anybody who uses or has used messaging services will know exactly how to put these to use.

It will be interesting to see if these are popular with fans, especially with the timing of the release. With the World Championships taking place I’m sure people will be using these stickers to either celebrate with fans or cheer on the fact that other people’s teams are taking heavy defeats. This is of course if they choose to message each other over Facebook during the event. I’m sure that if Riot wanted to, they could copy the stickers over to Twitch too for use on that system.

Will you be downloading the stickers to use on Facebook Messenger? Let us know your thoughts below.