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Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Playstation 4 Release Date Coming Soon

While fans wait for more information about Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls on the Playstation 4, Quantic Dream aren’t really sharing much. Today they’ve promised though that we’ll have a release date “soon.”

The question is, how soon will this be? With the Paris Games Week being just weeks away, maybe we’ll know then. Today on Twitter, the only clue they were willing to give away is this:

To add even more interest to the speculation though, when asked about a February 2016 release date, the reply given was this:

Does this mean that February 2016 is too soon? For people who actually want to see Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls on the Playstation 4, they are hoping for a release date sooner. With this reply though, it does tend to hint that there will be more of a wait for the two games to finally arrive.

Can we expect to see them at the Paris Game Week? Coming October 28 – November 1 this would be the perfect time to at least offer some news about the two games. While we have seen hints in the past as to when the games are coming it would be nice to at least have some concrete information about when to expect them. It will also be interesting to see just how good the games can look on the Playstation 4.

Are you looking forward to the release of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls on Playstation 4? Let us know your thoughts below.