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Fable Legends New Beta Invites Being Sent by Lionhead Studios

If you’ve signed up for the Fable Legends closed beta, you might want to check your email right now. Lionhead Studios has announced that it is dispatching a fresh set of beta invites.

If you signed up fairly early and still haven’t gotten yours yet, chances are you’re probably one of the folks who’ll be able to explore the wondrous world of Fable Legends.

The announcement came via a tweet by the studio, which seems to be growing increasingly busy as the suggested release window for the game (Q4 2015) draws near.

Fable Legends is a spin-off of the Fable series. Lionhead Studios also recently confirmed that they are not working on Fable 4, and that the free-to-play MMO Fable Legends is their priority and will stay so for the foreseeable future.

Fable Legends will be releasing for the Xbox One and PC as a free-to-play multiplayer title which has various heroes against a dark and dangerous villain. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 to power its fantastic visuals.

We still don’t have a concrete date of release (despite rumors of an October release in July), but hopefully Lionhead fulfills its promise of a 2015 release date.