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Fable 4 is Not in Development and Fable Legends is Priority, Says Lionhead Studios

The true sequel of Fable 3 isn’t currently in development. According to Lionhead Studios, the creator of the Fable series, the developers are currently completely focused on the free-to-play spin-off Fable: Legends.

Many Fable fans have been salivating at the thought of Fable 4 with the glorious visuals of the Unreal Engine 4 used in Fable: Legends, but Lionhead confirmed via Twitter that their entire focus is currently on the upcoming free-to-play MMO.


This isn’t the first time Lionhead has denied any development work on Fable 4 – the studio has been consistent in its claim since 2013, when it confirmed that Fable Legends is the only Fable core game in development, and there are no plans to make a sequel to Fable 3.

Fable: Legends is expected to be released later this year for the Xbox One and PC. The game has been playable in closed beta since October 2014.