Destiny: The Taken King – How to get The Black Spindle Exotic Sniper

While people may be scrutinising Destiny: The Taken King to see just how much content has been added to the game, it appears that many secrets are being found. This includes the discovery of the Black Spindle Exotic Sniper.

In a new video created by Arekkz Gaming they show exactly how to easily find this exotic weapon. The Black Spindle is a version of the Black Hammer which was one of the Dark Below raid weapons. As with the Black Hammer the Black Spindle replenishes its magazine once the player has hit three consecutive precision shots.

With this secret hidden in the game, it raises the question, just how many others are hidden away within the game? While some comments surrounding The Taken King have focused on the fact that the story mission didn’t feel to be long enough, there is a lot added to the game that focuses on different styles of play.

When Destiny needs to entice more people to take part in its world though some people aren’t exactly happy with what they see, especially with the price they are expected to pay to get to the new content in the game.

Whatever the facts are, in the end fans of Destiny and The Taken King will decide if they are happy with the game, and it is them who will take the time to find these secrets. Videos like this will help them to discover where the exotic weapons and other loot can be found.

Are you enjoying Destiny: The Taken King? Have you found any secret weapons like the Black Spindle? Let us know your thoughts below.