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BioShock for iOS Has Been Delisted from App Store

The news of BioShock coming to the iOS received mixed responses from fans of the 2007 game, but it’s no denying that it was a technically impressive feat.

Sadly, less than a year after the announcement, the game is being apprehended by 2K Games. The culprit here seems to be iOS 8.4, which has completely broken the first-person shooter on Apple devices.

2K game made sure that it posted an announcement of the issue and suggested that they were working on a fix. Following that, the game was taken off the App Store altogether, but was still accessible through the purchase history of the game.

Now, according to Touch Arcade, BioShock is not only available to buy, but cannot be even downloaded by existing owners of the iOS version of the game. Seeing that none of 2K Games’ other titles have tampered with, it is apparent that the issue is exclusively in BioShcok itself.

The problem though is the silence by 2K Games following this failure of Rapture on iOS. It’s still not clear whether the company is working on a major fix for the title, or will decide to release a completely separate version specifically made for the iOS, as they did with XCOM.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we find out.