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The Technology that Gives Playstation 4 the Extra Power it Needs for Playstation VR Revealed

If Virtual Reality is to take over the world of gaming, it appears that technology will also have to catch up. Tweaktown took an interesting look at Playstation VR and looking at the findings, the Playstation 4 isn’t a powerful enough platform to enter this new reality alone.

I’m sure that this statement will annoy some gamers who want to proclaim Sony’s console as the powerhouse of gaming, but the fact is technology moves so fast that the hardware is simply outdated. To power Playstation VR a new Processing Unit (or PU) is used to split the video signals that the Playstation 4 sends out and gives them a power boost. Sony describe this PU as:

“We call it a PU, and it’s a box that takes the output from the PlayStation 4 and it splits it, splits it for something for the headset and something for the television… And it does this conversion of the 120Hz output of a PS4 that something a TV can display, and it doesn’t get warped. That let’s the people in the room that are there to see what you’re seeing.”

Obviously these problems will be faced by the Xbox One too, if and when it uses a VR headset, though the PC won’t have as many issues. This will be based on the fact that the gamer will be expected to have hardware powerful enough to run the Oculus Rift or VR headset of their choice.

With the Playstation VR coming in 2016 it will be interesting to see just how the headset performs and just how popular it will be with gamers. Will it take over gaming as we know it? Or be the latest gimmick that doesn’t take hold?

What are your thoughts on the Playstation 4 and Playstation VR? Let us know below.