Rocket League Ranked Season Play Explained by Developers

Are you prepping yourself for the Rocket League Ranked Season Play, but at the same same time worrying about how the ranking system is going to work? Well, don’t fret, Psyonix has provided extensive details on the matter.

The developers say that for Rocket League Ranked Season Play they have changed up the way they used raw skill ranking (MMR) because it worked well with matchmaking only and not seasoned play.

Some features of the Season Play were highlighted to explain how the system is going to work:

  • You gain or lose points that are proportional to the difficulty of the match you played (based on MMR, not RP)
  • Your RP should “trend” towards your MMR. So, if for example, you’re “Bronze III” by RP but your MMR is matching you against “Silver II” players, you should gain extra RP via wins and lose less RP with losses until you end up near the “Silver II” division
  • RP is actually not involved in matchmaking at all, it is still controlled entirely by your hidden MMR

On this Reddit thread the developers are also talking about the problems that they are facing with the Rocket League Ranked Season Play and the Real World as well as discussing plans regarding how they are going to tackle those issues.

Are you taking part in the Rocket League Ranked Season Play?