None of Your Fallout 4 Companions Will Die, Not Just Dogmeat

Okay so we know that DogMeat is not going to die in Fallout 4, but in a recently revealed short interview video of Bethesda, Todd Howard has revealed that it is not just the pet, but every companion of yours is going to be safe.

When he is your follower, your actual companion in the game – there is a number of them not just the dog – they can’t be killed in that state.

So yeah, once someone becomes your companion they are there to stay in Fallout 4. Which is good in a sense that you get to keep your friends.

Although, Todd Howard also explained that DogMeat can be incapacitated and you will have to bring him back to full health with the medical supplies. This brings us to the question whether the same will apply to the rest of the companions or not.

Check out the video of Fallout 4 developers above and tell us what you think.