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More Evidence Revealed that Hints at Playstation 4 Backwards Compatibility

Some rumours apparently don’t want to die. Yesterday one that was being reported hinted at the possibility of backwards compatibility on the Playstation 4, now further “proof” has been found.

If the rumour is found to be true, it appears that it may be coming the playstation 4 3.00 firmware update, which is currently in beta. are reporting that while the original source for the rumour has stated it was fake, more images are emerging showing more proof. As you can see in the image, the game shown War of the Monsters is yet another game said to be used to test this so-called backwards compatibility.


With no actual proof of this rumour being true other than the images taken from the Beta testing it is hard to really work out any legitimacy in the rumour at all. While there is logic in the Playstation 4 getting some form of backwards compatibility in the future, Sony have always downplayed this being the case, but could it be all a smokescreen to suddenly reveal it in a future firmware update like 3.00?

With Microsoft pushing Xbox One’s backwards compatibility which will be coming in November, the reaction from the fans has shown that this is something that they want. Sony holding back on this did seem questionable, but we have to remember that they have their Playstation Now service that they still need to push.

I’m sure this backwards compatibility rumour will refuse to die, just like the games we’ll be able to play if it turns out to be true. Now to just wait and see what the truth will actually be.

Do you think backwards compatibility is coming for the Playstation 4? Let us know your thoughts below.