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Minecraft Snapshot 15w39a is Now Available to Download

Minecraft Snapshot 15w39a has been released and it brings a fix for frame rate loss issue players reported. There are other changes as well, you can see the full list below:

  • Found a big cause of FPS loss from 1.8, and hopefully fixed it.
  • Made a funny joke in a changelog.
  • [Bug MC-51987] – Minecart/Activator Dismount Location is Inconsistent in Cardinal Directions
  • [Bug MC-52274] – Dismounting does not work to the South, South east, and South west, and is offset in negative quadrants
  • [Bug MC-65040] – Entities become invisible under certain conditions
  • [Bug MC-68403] – Entities become invisible after death & respawn
  • [Bug MC-84060] – Trapdoor placement is awkward
  • [Bug MC-86391] – Acacia Leaves and Black Oak Leaves pick block function links errors
  • [Bug MC-87658] – Shield patterns offset by 1 pixel
  • [Bug MC-88929] – Items lost when shift clicking in full container / inventory

Mojang responds quickly to complaints on bugs and issues, so if you are experiencing any bugs in Minecraft, feel free to report it to the developers. In order to do so, visit to report issues.

You can also let us know if you have any problems with the game, and about fixes you’ll like to see in the comments below.