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Black Ops 3 Has Much Bigger Demand than Other COD Titles, Says GameStop

We know that this year’s end is going to be massive for gaming because of the massive list of games releasing back to back. However, it is not just that, there is something else different too.

For instance, Eric Bright, the director of merchandising at GameStop was recently interviewed where he revealed that while Call of Duty titles release every year, Black Ops 3 is different as it is much higher in demand than usual.

While talking about how Fallout 4 he said that “there’s a lot of pent-up demand for it” because the fans have waited for it for so long. Thereon he talked about other major titles and touched on the bigger than usual demand on BO3:

We also haven’t had a Halo in some time. And we have much bigger demand for Black Ops 3 this year than we’ve seen for a normal Call of Duty. We’ve got Assassin’s Creed Syndicate coming as an annualized title. That’s why it’s a strong back half.

He also iterated that “this is one of the strongest back halfs we’ve seen in quite some time,” before going on to praise the publishers for “focusing on the best possible quality.”

Black Ops 3 launches on November 6, 2015.