Wasteland 2 PS4 Release Date Confirmed Along with Debut Trailer

Playstation 4 version of Wasteland 2 has been confirmed to release on Oct. 16, 2015; InXile Entertainment has announced.

The developer has also released a new trailer which shows how the developer adapted the game to Playstation 4.

According to CEO of InXile Entertainment, Brian Fargo, translating the PC-centric experience to consoles was a challenge which the studio eventually overcame:

Translating that PC-centric experience to consoles was a challenge with some people not believing we could take such a large and complex game to the PlayStation 4, but we did it! We have always felt that it’s our mission to bring the best game possible for each platform without compromising. That means we took Wasteland 2 and looked at it as if it we were making a brand new game for consoles right from the start.

The developer also outlined many of the changes for the PS4 version of Wasteland 2 such as graphical enhancements:

Of course, there are tons of changes we made to improve Wasteland 2 on the PlayStation 4 as well. We did a complete graphics overhaul by moving to the Unity 5 game engine, including its new physically-based rendering system. That meant totally redoing all our character models, environments, and lighting to take proper advantage of next-generation hardware.

For more information, you can head over to PSBlog post.