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Nintendo NX Can Sync With a Handheld Device, New Patent Information Revealed

Thanks to recent patents filed by Nintendo, we are starting get a picture of what the NX project will look like. If parents hold any truth, we’re looking at the device without an optical drive, and a handheld released alongside it as a successor to 3DS.

The handheld part has come under the spotlight this time, as a new patent indicate the NX console being able to sync itself with the NX handheld device.

To me, it sounds like a functionality similar to the one we saw in PS4 and Vita, where the handheld is able to sync itself with the console.

Like always, Nintendo is yet to say a word but I have to say NX is shaping up to be quite a project. PS4 and PS Vita remote play is an outstanding feature and something similar for NX will do wonders.

Patent was filed by Fumihiko Inoue, who we know files these on behalf of the big N. Folks over at NeoGaf further broke down the details for us, head over to the link here for more information.

Also, specs of Nintendo NX are said to be comparable to PS4 and Xbox One.

Would you like to see a remote play feature in Nintendo NX? Let us know what you think in the comments.