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Life is Strange Episode 5 Release Date Announced

With Life is Strange nearing its conclusion fans are obviously waiting for news on when the final episode will be released. Today Dontnod Entertainment announced that as long as development is complete, the release date will be October 20.


While they also stated that they don’t normally announce a date until closer to the time, this was a special day that needed celebrating in some fashion. September 21 is the birthday of the games protagonist, Max Caulfield.

One negative aspect of the announcement is the fact that they can’t 100% be sure that they will meet the date announced, but have stated that this is the one they plan for right now. Fans will obviously want the developers to get the release right, so that they can find out what is going to happen to Max and Chloe and if the end of the world is really coming.

With this episode set to be the darkest yet, I’m being careful not to post any spoilers here. As you can see from the new image released to celebrate the announced date though the storm we saw in the first episode is back and appears to be destroying Arcadia Bay. It is interesting to see Max stood watching, this may be a good sign that events in the game so far aren’t going to be as dangerous as it first seemed. Though the storm itself seems just as destructive.

As a fan of the game I’m looking forward to the finale of Life is Strange, and interested to see if there will be any continuation to the story. I’m not sure where the story can go from here, but Max’s ability to rewind time is definitely one that opens a lot of paths for there to be more adventures. That is if she retains the power when everything ends of course.

What are your thoughts on Life is Strange, are you looking forward to the final episode? Let us know below.