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Learn More about Dogmeat in Fallout 4

In a video for Fallout 4 we are introduced to not only Dogmeat but their real life counterpart in a behind the scenes look at the in-game buddy. Actually named River, the dog is owned by Fallout 4’s lead level designer Joel Burgess.

In the video we see Dogmeat in the game, and then see River in real-life. Watching the two it’s easy to compare them and understand how they came translated the real life German Shepard into Dogmeat. Making River perform actions that are needed in the game, you can see the mannerisms that are replicated.

One thing we do know about Dogmeat is the fact he can’t die, which may come as a surprise for anybody who remembers finding the dog in Fallout 3, only to have it die in the inevitable battles which follow. The fact that death came so easy in the previous game may be the reason for the new versions invincibility, though I’m sure with it also being based on Burgess’ pet, Bethesda weren’t a fan of ending the dog’s life in the game.

Released alongside the fun backstage look at Dogmeat, another video looks at not only the dog but also mentions other buddies within the game. It is interesting to see that the animal can actually be injured and need some healing, even if it can’t die. I’m sure people will inevitably experiment with the game just to see what they can get Dogmeat and the other companions to do in the game, so hopefully the AI will be able to cope.

Will you be looking to have Dogmeat as your buddy in Fallout 4? Let us know your thoughts on the dog below.