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Final Fantasy XV Black Haired Woman, Storyline Discussed

Tokyo Game Show 2015 has brought forth a number of new details on Final Fantasy XV, like chocobo riding and fishing features as well as a more detailed trailer that shed light on a number of things.

However, the developers had let lose yet another unexplained thing (character to be specific) during the TGS 2015 demo. There was a black haired woman in the trailer that had not been introduced before.

Thankfully Square Enix decided to share the first details on her right away and made a tweet on the official Twitter of the game. So the name of that black haired woman is Gentiana, and apparently she is not just another character. Infact, Gentiana is going to play an important role in Final Fantasy XV!

Looks like we have more than just Noctis to look out for.

Moving on to the story of the game, it has been revealed that Final Fantasy XV is going to follow the war of Niflheim and Lucis, the walled nation. Noctis’ father Regis shield’s the region with the Crystal.

It was also discussed how Lunafreya, while being engaged to Noctis is going to be of great help because she is the youngest Oracle in history (19 years) and because she can communicate with the gods.

Keep checking back for more on Final Fantasy XV later.