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Elite: Dangerous gets Steam VR Support in Time for EGX 2015 This Weekend

If there is any game that uses Virtual Reality in a good way it is Elite: Dangerous. Many people have experienced it with Oculus Rift already. Today it’s been announced that SteamVR will also be offering support.

Along with the announcement that the game will support the HTC Vive, it was revealed that people who will be attending the EGX event in Birmingham this weekend in the UK (September 24 – Sunday 27) will be able to try the game out on the VIVE. All they need to do is to find the Elite: Dangerous or HTC stands where it will be on show.

To celebrate the news, Steam are offering a 40% discount on the game, with the Frontierstore also offering the same deal. This will last until Monday 28, which is perfect for those who will have been able to try the game over the weekend. For the rest of us that won’t be at the event though we can just purchase the game now.

Elite: Dangerous has taken the popular classic Elite and transformed it into a massively multiplayer online experience that has been a huge hit with fans. Now moving onto the Xbox One with the potential of moving to Playstation 4 in the future the fanbase is going to keep on growing.

With added compatibility for more Virtual Reality devices Elite: Dangerous could become a good advertisement for the new hardware, especially with the need to build up some confidence from the gaming community. With the player sitting in the ship for the game, it takes away a lot of the problem of movement for the virtual reality experience.

With Steam’s version of Virtual Reality gaining some ground against Oculus Rift, who will dominate the PC market for the latest gaming gimmick? My money is still on Oculus Rift, but it will be interesting to see who wins out.

What are your thoughts on the SteamVR announcement? Will you be trying it out at the EGX this weekend? Let us know your thoughts below.