Apparently, BioShock Collection is Coming to PS4, Xbox One in November

While we usually talk about retailer based “alleged” leaks when the company in question is someone like Amazon or GameStop, one little listing on a South African retailer got us interested. Apparently, these guys are claiming that The Bioshock Collection is coming our way in November!

It would be wise to say that is what Raru, a South African game retailer was claiming since the said listing has now been taken down. The good part is, it is still available in Google cache from where we taken the screenshot posted below.

That being said, the retailer listing reveals that The Bioshock Collection is going to be released to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 27, 2015 specifically. That is just a little over two months from now.

Moreover, Raru had listed BioShock Collection for a price of 711 South African Rand which roughly translates into $53.42 in the US currency (using the exchange rate at the time of writing).

If everything that they are saying is true, it means 2K Games is planning to re-release the game to the latest generation consoles which is a good news sicne we have millions of fans of the Bioshock series who would love to play the game.

Bioshock Collection

Coming to the authenticity of the listing, this is not the first time they have leaked something. Previously they were responsible for outing Splatooon Amiibo, Greninja as well as Jigglypuff.