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The Taken King Raid, King’s Fall, Beaten in Seven Hours!

King;s Fall Raid of Destiny The Taken King expansion was unlocked very recently and as expected, tons upon tons of Guardians pushed to beat it first.

We now have the first team to have beaten the raid and it took them about seven hours to do so. King’s Fall was expected to be the toughest and biggest raid of the entire game but still the time taken to complete it was not too long.

The raid was taken on by six players of Destiny The Taken King and one of them claims that preparing for it took him 50 long hours! Now that is toiling worth the accolades. Gothalion, the player says “prep for today’s raid was over 50 hours since launch of TTK. Food for though my on value [sic]. I’ve barely touched other characters.”

Anyhow, if you compare this with the previous raids, the first time Vault of Glass was beaten it had taken 10 hours and 1606 deaths; King’s Fall was done in a much lesser time than that! On the other hand Crota’s End was done with in only six hours which is still pretty impressive as compared to King’s Fall.

Have you tried out Destiny The Taken King and the raid? Or are you among those who weren’t happy about getting some of the content being locked out unless you purchased the expansion?