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GTA Online Brings Free GTA$, T-Shirts; Discounted Vehicles, Weapons, Ammo & Items

GTA Online is getting much more interesting this weekend; a new weekend event is kicking off that brings you a number of Freemode activities and Challenges, and there are tons of rewards and discounts you can pick up over the weekend.

The first and the most interesting offer being made by the GTA Online developers relates to completion of five Freemode Events or Challenges. Rockstar has announced:

If you complete any five of the brand new GTA Online Freemode Events or Challenges by Sunday, you’ll get GTA$50,000 bonus in-game cash plus the exclusive Vapid t-shirt for your in-game character.

For this week only, a total of 19 cars are going to be on a massive 50 percent discount which should give you a massive jump up in your Freemode Events and Challenges. Here they are:

  • Adder
  • Buzzard
  • Insurgent
  • Savage
  • Annihilator
  • Dubsta
  • Lectro
  • Seashark
  • Armored Kuruma
  • Entity XF
  • Mallard
  • Vestra
  • Bati801RR
  • Frogger
  • Marshall
  • Zentorno
  • Besra
  • Hakuchou
  • Sanchez

Other things are also on 50 percent discounts, for instance if you visit Ammu-Nation over the weekend, you will find that Heavy Sniper, Micro SMG, Carbine Rifle, Minigun, all the ammo as well as Armor, Bulletproof Helmets and Bulletproof Tires for half the price.

There is more, in order to aid you in using the phone services, “Pegasus and Merryweather Phone Services are discounted by 50% this weekend, along with Lester’s Remove Wanted Level service” in GTA Online.

The last reward is the best, in return of just logging in to the game once every day for as long as the event continues, you can get a different in-game T-shirt for your character. The T-shirts are assigned to days:

  • Friday, September 18th: Vinewood Zombie
  • Saturday, September 19th: I Married My Dad
  • Sunday, September 20th: Die Already

We suggest you get what you want as soon as possible!