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Fourth Consecutive Counter Strike Global Offensive Update Spotted

Counter Strike Global Offensive might be a very old game as compared to the new ones like Destiny and Black Ops 3, but the fact remains, once you are CSGO fan, you are always a CSGO fan. Luckily, Valve understands that too and so they try to keep up with the issues that community is facing.

Interestingly, they have been releasing updates for the game on a daily basis for a couple of days now. Today, we have picked up word that has been updated for the fourth consecutive day in a row!

Of course the update spotted isn’t very large – merely 5MB in size – but what’s important is that the developers of Counter Strike Global Offensive are giving it that much attention.

Apparently, the said update is some sot of a bug fix but the exact issue being tackled here has not been officially revealed so far. However, since the update that came yesterday was supposedly about FPS related issues, and it did not manage to satisfy all the players, this one might try to do the same again.

One thing that this is probably not going to fix is the latency issue being faced by Counter Strike Global Offensive players on the EU West datacenter. This is so because that latency issue is spread across other games and players on the same datacenter meaning a game specific update will not be able to handle it.

Did you check your game today? Were there any changes that you noted?