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Watch Persona 5 Artist at Work in Illustration Video

While many Persona fans may be mourning the delay of the latest game, we may be able to ease their pain with this video. Showing artist Shigenori Soejima working on artwork for the game, it may not be new gameplay footage or a trailer but is an interesting watch at least.

Soejima has been doing artwork for Atlus for years, including the Persona games so fans of the franchise are likely to know his work. Watching him put together an illustration from the game shows his way he works, as well as showing how he forms the recognisable style.

With the delay of Persona 5 in Japan this will also be worse news for fans in the west. As is usual with popular Japanese like this, delays with the release in that country will lead to even longer delays for international releases. With a game that has seen many delays, originally set to be released in 2014 it is obvious that all fans will be slightly annoyed.

One thing we can be sure of at least is that the game will come out. If we were to have some fun with games that have seen constant delays, maybe we could put this one up against Ubisoft’s The Division which is another game that has seen plenty of delays.

With Persona 5 promised for Summer 2016 though and The Division being released in March, unless Ubisoft’s game sees yet another delay it looks like Persona will be the one to take the crown in the battle of the delayed games.

Are you impressed by the art video? What are your views on the delay of Persona 5? Let us know your thoughts below.