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Rumor: Konami Ends AAA Game Development, No More Metal Gear?

Little over a month ago, we came to know that Konami is shifting its focus to Pachinko Machines and its other non-gaming businesses. At the time rumors wanted us to believe that Konami won’t be making big budget games anymore.

Now, sources close to the company has stated the same thing again. Konami won’t be making anymore AAA games expect PES, meaning there will be no Metal Gear. This rumor contradicts Konami’s previous statement of keep working on Metal Gear Solid series.

Konami isn’t saying anything but folks around the internet believe the report is true. This news came just after a different report claiming that technology director Julien Merceron has left the company.

Apparently, Merceron was unhappy with the way Konami is shifting from console to mobile games, in addition to focusing more on non-gaming businesses.

To me, it looks like Kojima’s departure is also related to Konami’s transition and how they handled Metal Gear Solid V.

I have played the game for over two weeks, and although it is an amazing title, you can clearly see that Kojima wanted to do one thing, while he was forced to go down a different road. It is possible that budget issues were the root cause.