Luke Skywalker to be Available in Star Wars Battlefront as Long as he Keeps on Killing

While we’ve already talked about how Vader will work in Star Wars Battlefront, it has also been revealed how Luke Skywalker will take part in the action. Similar to Vader, Luke will have a major impact in the battles to come.

Jedi Luke Skywalker, who they reveal is based on the Return of the Jedi version of the character will be a formidable opponent for his enemies. Jamie Keen, Senior Producer for the game gave some hints on the Jedi’s powers, including his jumping ability:

“His jump is based on a normal biomechanical jump, but it’s augmented by the Force. You see this in the films as well, such as when he’s jumping out of the carbonite pit or when he’s training on Dagobah.”

While players will be able to take control of Skywalker, his appearance on the battlefield won’t last forever:

“Our goal was to give an average player around two minutes as a Hero or Villain,” says Keen. “But if you’re good enough, you might stretch that to around five minutes. In theory, you could play as Luke Skywalker for a whole match, but that is extremely unlikely. That said, the gauntlet is thrown!”

The fact that the more enemies you kill, the longer you’ll have the Jedi available is an interesting move. It will also be interesting to see if anybody can keep him available for the whole match, though this seems hard to do.

With Luke’s moves being based on lightsaber attack and Force Push for ranged attacks I’m sure that it’ll be easy to keep the kills coming. This does seem to be against Jedi teachings, unless of course we can find a logical reason for such mass slaughter.

What are your thoughts on Luke Skywalker as a hero? Are you looking forward to playing as him? Let us know below.