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Destiny: The Taken King Glitch Found Providing up to 25 Hadium Flakes

Glitches in games like Destiny: The Taken King can bring lots of quick and easy loot for players. The only problem is you have to act fast once they are found, or Bungie will patch it.

It looks like once such glitch has been found which will allow you to earn up to 25 Hadium Flakes within five minutes. As you’ll be aware this is obviously against Bungie’s plans so don’t expect it to work for too long. While it still works, the video created by Arekkz Gaming shows you exactly what do to.

According to this video, here are the steps to take:

  • First spawn into the Hull Breach, then run all the way to the engine. From there run to the Mausoleum and cross to the other side which is the same direction as if you were heading towards The Founts.
  • You should find a small room to the left, head there quickly. The chest that you are looking for should spawn in this room or somewhere close. Once the chest has been opened then run back to The Founts, then return to the chest. It should be possible to open it again; right now it doesn’t despawn (unless somebody else also enters the area).
  • It should be noted that there may be other chests in the same area. These will need to be found first and looted so that you can then respawn the chest that is used for the glitch. The fact that other people moving around the area can cause it to despawn will make farming hard, though not impossible.

So, as long as no other people arrive in the area to cause it to despawn you should be able to continue to farm from this chest as much as you like.

Have you tried this glitch? Did it work? Let us know your thoughts below.