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Are These the Greatest Playstation Games of All Time?

Prepare for another dose of nostalgia if you are a Playstation fan. Sony have revealed the best Playstation Games of All Time based on votes on a poll run on their blog.

I post these knowing that some won’t agree with them, while others might. What we have to remember is that these are only the results of a poll, so to call them the best games of all time does have a touch of hyperbole about it.

Here are the top 4, which were the only results revealed. This is to fit the trophy achievements Playstation fans are familiar with now:

  • Bronze Award (4th): Crash Bandicoot: Warped
  • Silver Award (3rd): Crash Bandicoot
  • Gold Award (2nd): Final Fantasy 7
  • Platinum Awards (1st): Metal Gear Solid

What I would like to see is what the top ten were, so I can see which didn’t make the cut. While I can think of many Playstation games that should belong here I do recognise the fact that these were very good games. What would have been included in your list of the greatest games for this console?

For me, my personal choice would have been Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil. Stalwarts of Sony’s original console it is where they found fame and popularity with the fans. Being a fan of action and horror games though, I guess I am slightly biased.

The fact is, the results of the poll all depended on how many people voted and what they voted for. I know I personally didn’t vote on this and I’m sure many others didn’t too and if we didn’t vote then we lost our say on this result.

So are these results the greatest games? Quite possibly, but only based on that poll. I’m sure we’ve all got our own choices of which are the greatest of all time.

Do you agree with the top 4 that Playstation revealed? Let us know your thoughts below.